About Us

Fine Finishing, Flooring, Cabinetry, Furniture, Millwork and moreMorgans East Fine Finishes specializes in all aspects of architectural finishing. Our range of work can be a single piece of furniture, to a kitchen cabinetry package, to the finishing of all surfaces in a custom home project, be it a new build or a remodel. We mix our colors from raw pigments and develop all of our own finishing processes. This capability allows us to achieve any look that the client desires, whether it’s a modern design, a distressed, antique finish, unique solid color or a complex layered effect. We believe in giving our clients a personalized, one of a kind product. In addition to our finishing, we also offer premium and custom painting of all interior surfaces.

Morgans East Fine Finishes has a pre-finish shop, which enables our master finishers to finish all aspects of a project such as cabinets, doors, furniture, flooring, trim, and many others. Pre-finishing helps to keep the construction area cleaner and less cluttered, and enables the finishers to complete their craft in a controlled environment. If pre-finishing is not an option, then Morgans East Fine Finishes has the ability to perform most finishing processes onsite, while keeping a clean and low impact working environment.

Beyond our finishing capabilities, Morgans East Fine Finishes also offers color design and consultation services. We can help our clients select the best materials, colors, layout, and desired look and feel for your overall project.